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Electric Water Heating Controls

These immersion heater controls, rated at 13Amps, have been developed specifically for use with Economy 7 and White Meter tariffs, and can also take full advantage of any available cheap-rate tariffs.
Electronic 7
Economy 7 Quartz

Electrisaver - Electronic Boost Control


The Electrisaver is a simple push button electronic timer that saves energy by remembering to switch off when you forget.

  • Pays for itself in lower fuel bills, time and time again.
  • Controls loads up to 3kW -including immersion heaters- in shops, offices, school, church halls and all around the home
  • Perfect boiler override or extension timer for central heating systems anywhere
  • Stylish, compact and simple to install.
  • Flush or Surface mounting

Applications Include

  • Immersion Heater Control
  • Heated Mirrors
  • Panel Heaters
  • Towel Rails


E15: 15/30/60 minutes.
E30: 30/60/120 minutes.
Electrisaver E246: 2/4/6 hour.
E15/E30 User and Installation Guide
E246 User and Installation Guide

Electronic 7 - Immersion Heater Control

Electronic 7 The widely used Electronic 7 immersion heater control has been upgraded to give it more contemporary look with a larger back lit display and incorporating updated electronics.
  • Fully interchangeable with earlier versions using plug-in connectors.
  • No need to change the wall mounting box.
  • Compatible with all utility company tariffs.
  • Automatic clock adjusts to accommodate GMT/BST summer/winter time.
  • Accommodates up to three secure off-peak heating periods every 24 hours.
  • Long life battery maintains the clock, display and switch time settings throughout the life of the control.
  • ‘Boost’ button is ideal for short term overriding of the set programme.
  • ‘Boost’ element (in the tank) can be programmed so that it will heat only a small part of your tank at a set time each day.
  • Can be set to accommodate utility tariffs that offer cheaper electricity periods during the day time.
  • Optional programme security feature.
  • Single incoming supply
Electronic 7.
Electronic 7 User Guide
Install Guide

Economy 7 Quartz - Immersion Heater Control

The standard by which all other water heating controls are judged, the Economy 7 Quartz is the all-time best seller in water heating controls.
  • Quartz controlled to ten minutes a year
  • Rechargeable battery keeps time during power interruptions
  • Up to 60 or 120 minutes boost means extra hot water at any time
  • Indicator lights show whether on-peak or off-peak power is being used
  • Summer and winter time settings instantly visible
  • Large terminals and back box
  • Easy wiring harness and simple installation
  • Designed with both installer and user in mind

Economy 7 Quartz.
E7 Quartz 2 Hour.
Economy 7 Quartz User Guide
Install Guide

BX2000 - Water Heating Boost Control

  • Always gives priority to the off-peak supply
  • Automatically cancels any boost that has been selected prior to the off-peak supply becoming available
  • One hour or two hour boost
  • Indicator lights
  • Incorporates two double pole switches: one for 24 hour supply; one for off-peak [low rate] supply
  • Accepts all incoming and outgoing wiring including single, dual or two separate 3 kW immersion heater application
  • Two incoming supplies
BX2000 User Guide
Install Guide

E7BX - Water Heating Boost Control


These simple controls are intended for use where cheap overnight heating of water is controlled by the Electricity Company's Radio Teleswitch, Radio Telemeter or tariff time switch.

  • Simple to install and use
  • Boost period adjustable between 0 and 120 minutes
  • Neon indicator shows when boost timer is running
  • Can be used with one or two immersion heaters
  • Compatible with earth-leakage circuit breaker installations
E7BX User Guide
Install guide